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Naples Mold Testing (sampling)

Mold Air Sampling In Naples:

Indoor Air Sampling:

Naples consumers should understand that mold indoor air samples should be collected near the main return with the fan in the "on" position. Normally an additional air sample should be taken for each HVAC system. If there is more than one level to the property, at least one air sample is recommended for each level. If a room has any "Red Flags" such as visible mold, signs of water intrusion or musty smell, an additional air test or swab set may be recommended.

Outdoor Air Sampling:

Protocols recommend  outdoor samples should NOT be collected under any overhang of the property (not on lanai, in the garage,under carport or porch). Also, outdoor samples should not be taken when it's raining, some spores are “washed” from the air and others “kicked up” from the ground confusing the results.

Swab/Tape Surface Sampling:

Surface samples should be taken if there is visible suspect mold present, many insurance claims require a surface sample.   



Based in N. Naples, Radon and Mold Professionals performs radon testing and mold inspections, testing for over 1100 projects each year.  Our ACAC board certified Indoor Environmentalists colllect about 4,000 mold samples (mold test to some) each year according to the labs we use.  Mold Sampling (testing) can be helpful when done properly. 

When your Naples inspector arrives to collect air samples, he should clean HIS/HER equipment BEFORE he brings it into your home or business.

Your Naples home or office should be in closed house conditions before the Florida licensed mold assessor arrives to collect mold air sampling.

Mold Air Sampling should not be collected after vacuuming or heavy cleaning.

If your mold assessment is for an insurance claim, consider approving a surface sample (swab or tape lift). Many insurance companies prefer this.  When visable mold is present your Naples mold inspector will generally recommend a surface sample along with air sampling.

Naples Real Estate Sale

Naples Homebuyers should understand that a home CANNOT be labeled as having a mold problem based solely on air sampling. The mold inspector must identify where the mold is and what caused it.

Air Sampling is sometimes used to determine if futher investigation is needed.  You should understand that some molds are heavy sticky molds and usually don't go airborne unless disturbed. 

YOUR NAPLES MOLD INSPECTOR SHOULD NEVER DISTURB VISIBLE MOLD DURING HIS ASSESSMENT / INSPECTION.  If visible molds are disturbed they may be picked up by the HVAC system and contaminated othe parts of the home - increasing the cost of cleanup.

Mold License John Cosgrove

Naples mold inspection-infrared camera-moisture identification

Naples Mold Assessor must find the source (moisture) of your mold contamination. Infrared cameras allow inspectors to scan large areas quickly. All suspected areas must be verified with a moisture meter.


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Outdoor air sample

Naples Mold Air Sampling is often helpful in a mold assessment / inspection, helps determine the extent of a mold contamination.  It should never be considered a substitute for a visual mold inspection, air sampling is only part of a proper mold assessment.

When collecting outdoor air samples to use as a baseline comparison for indoor samples, all standard of practices require a minimum distance FROM the structure. This does NOT mean collect the outdoor sample on the porch, balcony, garage or lanai.


Standard of Practice for The Assessment of Indoor Environmental Quality

Volume 1: Mold Sampling; Assessment of Mold Contamination

2nd Edition

4.1.2 Outdoor Sampling Outdoor air sample should be collected no less than 10 feet away from the exterior of the structure in a manner to remove the influence of indoor air to the extent possible.”


  2010 Guidelines for CPR  American Heart Association



Radon and Mold Professionals performs thousands of radon and mold "tests" each years in the Naples area. Concern for your health is part of our business. We encourage everyone to at least be aware of  simple CPR.