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Bonita Springs Mold Inspections / Testing

Naples Mold Inspectors

We are located in North Naples and perform almost as many mold inspections in Bonita Springs / Estero area as we do in Naples. To schedule contact our office:  195 th Street, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 phone: (239) 498-4619  / 188 1st Street, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 phone: (239) 948-9717   email: 

Radon Testing / Mold Inspections / Mold Sampling (testing) / Formaldehyde & VOC Testing / Allergen Screening

Homeowners and homebuyers in the Bonita Springs area should understand that you will not have a "mold problem" unless you have a moisture problem. Mold like any living thing needs food and water.  Moisture problems can be simple plumbing, window, roof leaks or high humidity conditions caused by  HVAC  systems often with the help of the occupant.  It may sound silly but many homeowners / tenants will open doors and windows and leave the AC on.

It is not unusual with people in two story homes to forget to go upstairs and turn the AC off when opening up their patio doors for example.  The AC tries to cool the outdoors and supply vents sweat like a glass of water  with ice in it. This moisture is absorbed by furniture, carpet etc and can grow mold. 

Humans can create mold problems too. Do not leave your AC system fan in the on position / condenser may not run long enough to remove the moisture in the air over time and promote indoor mold growth.

John Cosgrove has performed thousands of mold inspections in Bonita Springs. John has proven his knowledge of mold assessment as an "expert witness" , consultant to dozens of mold remediation companies and by helping homeowners find their mold"problem" when other could not.

John Cosgrove has been a Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) for years and was the 5th person in Florida to qualify for a mold assessor license.

Florida Mold License #5, John Cosgrove

Bonita Springs mold inspections require all sources of mold contamination and moisture intrusion be identified and recommendations for corrections for each area.



Naples mold inspection-moisture source-infrared camera

Infrared Cameras allow the licensed mold assessor (inspector) to quickly identify the areas of moisture intrusion

An outdoor air sample (test) for your Naples or Ft Myers home is used as a base line for compaing the indoor mold air sample.  The outdoor air sample should be collected at least 10 feet from the structure and at "breathing" level.

Many home inspectors collect samples for the "money" not the benefit of their client as evident in the photo below:

Informed homebuyers hire experienced ( Florida licensed mold assessors for their mold services.