State of Florida licensed Naples mold inspectors that are ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE). We are a Florida Department of Health certifed radon measurement business RB1938. Over 20,000 radon tests and 10,000 mold assessments since 1999. 

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Naples, Marco Island and Bonita Springs homeowners and homebuyers should know the state of Florida requires a license for Mold Assessors (Inspectors).  Your Naples licensed mold assessor (inspector) will identify the source and location as well as the extent of any mold contamination in your home or structure.

Radon testing and Radon mitigation businesses and individuals are also regulated by the state of Florida thru the Florida Department of Health. Persons placing or picking up a radon test must be Florida DOH certified to do so. Radon Report must be issued by a Florida DOH certified Radon Measurement Business.

   Nationally Certified Indoor Environmentalists                                                                                                Florida Flag     

Naples and Marco Island mold testing is best performed by licensed professionals that have passed the ACAC exam for CIE or CIEC or CMC  ( ) as required by Florida law now.
Many  Naples 'inspectors" were grandfathered (licensed) who never passed the exams now required in Florida. (

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All of our mold assessors (inspectors) are licensed and are ACAC certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE).

Radon and Mold Professionals had the second Mold Assessor (Doug Wall, CIE) license in Florida (first in Collier County).   MRSA2

John Cosgrove, CIE was the first person to qualify for a Mold Assessor license in Lee County and 5th person statewide. MRSA5


To better understand what is need in your Naples mold inspection report, please take time to look at our SAMPLE REPORT on link here:

Sample Mold Inspection Report

Our mold reports are always improving/changing but this sample report helps Naples consumers understand the minimum documentation needed in their report.

Naples homeowners and homebuyers should understand that a "mold test" is not a mold inspection.

Many agents and inspectors sell mold air sampling service as a mold inspection. It is not, a mold inspection properly identified as a mold assessment must identify any mold sources and the extent of any mold problem in your home or business.

Your Naples mold inspection report should include photos and documentation of all suspected mold problems and recommendations for corrections based on accepted industry standards such as the S520 and/or S500.

Mold air sampling (testing) is often used to determine the extent of a visible mold contamination or the status of a mold cleanup or remediation project.  Many molds do not become aerosolized (airborne) unless they are disturbed or there is a drastic humidity change in the structure. Without a visual inspection that includes infrared thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters you could have a mold problem and also have a "clean" air sample report.  Remember the air sample can help determine if one area can be isolated and cleaned without cleaning the whole home or business. Mold Air Sampling alone will NOT identify the source of a mold contamination.

Mold Air Sampling in a Naples home can indicate a possible mold problem but then you NEED a real mold inspection to determine the source of the problem and what needs to be done to remediate the mold.  You DO NOT call the mold remediation company until you know where the mold is and what caused it.

If your mold inspector collects air samples and then tells you to call a mold cleanup company, he did not do his job.

He has to tell you where it is and what caused the mold contamination in your Naples home.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras should be used in all Naples mold inspections in conjunction with a moisture meter.

Radon and Mold Professionals has provided radon testing and mold assessment (inspections) for local real estate sales in Naples, local Naples builders such as BCB Homes, A Vernon Allen, London Bay as well as local and federal government agencies (city, state and US). Local  Naples Banks, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Schools, Offices, Stores, Etc use our services. We have had over 1,100 projects every year for almost a decade.

Our Naples inspectors are nationally certified (, licensed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and certified by the Florida Department of Health.


Mold needs moisture to grow. Part of any Naples mold inspection is to identify moisture sources and wet areas.

Infrared cameras helps us find "wet" areas.

All suspected "wet" areas must be confirmed as wet with a moisture meter.

Infrared cameras, moisture meters and particle counters just just some of the equipment your mold assessor / inspector should use.

Infrared camera, moisture meters, temp & humidity gauge

Your Naples Mold Inspector must identify the source of the elevated mold spore count - you need a visual inspection.  The only way to be sure the home does not have mold growth in it is to have a visual inspection.  A visual inspection will identify the location, extent and source of any mold contamination.  Our reports also include recommendations for corrections - needed by remediators for cleanup bids.

The elevated counts of Aspergillus/Penicillum (Asp / Pen) are generally considered a problem since it is one of the molds we characterize as a moisture indicators.  These are often associated with a humidity bloom, which could have several sources - HVAC not working properly, roof leak, plumbing leak or even having doors and windows open for extended time day after day with AC running. (it's more common than you think).

We agree with this statement on many home inspectors mold air sampling reports from Assured Bio Labs, LLC.

"Air Samples alone may be insufficient to determine whether real mold contamination is occurring in a building or structure.  Only a certified mold inspector is capable of evaluating the occirremce and extent of mold contamination in a building."

Some mold spores are considered "heavy sticky" molds and tend not to be airbourne (aerosolized) unless someone disburbs them.


 1=BALANCED—At the time of sampling, the indoor air spore load and spore composition, alone, is not suggestive of mold contamination or mold reproduction.

2=MINOR DISTURBANCE—At the time of sampling, the indoor air spore load and spore composition suggest that mold contamination may be occurring or has occurred in the past. Further investigation, by a Certified Indoor Environmentalist, may be necessary to determine if mold contamination is currently a problem.

3=MAJOR DISTURBANCE—At the time of sampling, the indoor air spore load and composition suggest that mold spores are becoming airborne at a high rate, and that certain indicator mold species are present. Further investigation, by a Certified Indoor Environmentalist, may be warranted to determine the extent of mold contamination.



You should understand:

Before Your Naples Mold Remediation

(A) The purpose of any Naples mold assessment is to determine the sources, locations, and extent of mold growth in a building and to determine the condition(s) that caused the mold growth.

(B) A visual inspection to identify the presence of visible mold and/or excessive, unplanned moisture intrusion (past and present).

(1) A visual inspection should include all surfaces inside the building, hidden areas where moisture sources may be present, such as but not limited to, crawl spaces, attics, and behind vinyl wallpaper, baseboards, carpets, and wallboard wherever possible.


(2) Specific indicators to note during the visual assessment include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Suspect mold growth;

b. Musty odor;

c. Moisture damage; and

d. Damp building materials and/or conditions.


(C) An assessor shall prepare a Mold Assessment Report (MAR), to include a Mold Remediation Protocol (MRP), that is specific to each remediation project and provide the MRP to the client before the remediation begins. The MRP must specify:

(1) The rooms or areas where the work will be performed;



Radon and Mold Professionals
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Certified Indoor Environmentalists 
Florida Licensed Mold Assessors MRSA #2, #5, #763
FL DOH Certified Radon Measurement Business RB1938
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